Nait and his sister Naitalie are traveling around the world meeting families affected by the disease that they are named after, Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia.

They would like you to follow them both and look forward to your comments :)

Sunday 30 October 2011

Croeso i Gymru Tedi! (Welcome to Wales Teddy!)

13/10/11 – I arrived in Wales on Mummy Nia’s birthday....a very nice surprise for her and the rest of the Lewis family – Daddy Aled, and children Elain, who’s 5 years old and Siôn, who’s 2 and a half years old!! I was rather confused to start with as they seemed to be talking a different language to what I've heard before, but soon realised that they were talking Welsh with each other and with me and soon got the hang of it!!

14/10/11 – I went to visit Year 1 and 2 at Ysgol Gynradd Bethel (Bethel Primary School) where Elain goes to school today and she introduced me to her classmates and Miss Jones, her teacher. Miss Jones told the story of when Elain was born and all about NAIT (the edited version!) and also used the locations where NAIT families live to look at the globe and find out where they all were. I really enjoyed my time at the school and the children were really kind.

15/10/11 – Elain took me to her dance class this morning with Angylion Kelly (Kelly’s Angels)....all the children liked me! (Elain seen holding the Teddy, and Siôn stayed for the photo too!)

15/10/11 – It was a gloriously sunny day here in Wales today, so whilst Elain was dancing, Siôn took me up to the local park...

and on the way back down home, we passed a farm and saw some sheep!....

16/10/11 – Elain took me to her friend’s birthday party today (photo of Elain, Alaw and Lois at the party)...and on the way, we went to see Snowdon....Elain and her friend Alaw can be seen outside Snowdon Mountain Railway.

18/10/11 – I got a very special ride today in the back of Mummy Nia’s car where I was helping to promote NAIT.....

20/10/11 –Siôn took me to Meithrinfa Ffalabalam (Ffalabalam Nursery) today and I had lots of fun with all the children. I had lots of fun playing with Sam Tân (Fireman Sam), Siôn’s favourite toy, I got to play in the sand, and I even had a go at painting! I had a lot of yummy food too, and even had seconds....the nice Aunties at the nursery gave me my own plate and I got to sit with Siôn and his friends round the table! Siôn even got his face painted like a tiger....I wanted a go too but thought it might be rather difficult to wash off so I had fun watching all the other children!

21/10/11 – I went to Conwy County Borough Council today where Mummy Nia works....whilst I was there I had a go at simultaneous translation......I thought this was really cool because whenever somebody speaks Welsh in the Council Chamber, Mummy Nia and the other translators translates it to English for the non-Welsh speaker!

I also helped promote another charity today (Breast Cancer Awareness) when I purchased a raffle ticket and won a cake!!!

22/10/11 – I went with Elain and Siôn to Gelli Gyffwrdd (Greenwood Forest Park - today, and I went to read poetry in Cerrig y Cerddi / Poets’ Corner just like my poem says I would!

I also got to go on the Moon Karts, the Great Green Run, the Tree Top Towers and played in the Little Forest Playbarn.

Whilst I was there, I also had my picture taken by the World’s Biggest Love Spoon!!

I was tired by the time we got to the Tunnel Warren, so after a quick go on the slide with Siôn,I had a little rest in Sion’s buggy.

24/10/11 – I visited a very special place today – SCBU and Alaw Day Unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd (Gwynedd Hospital) where both Elain and Siôn were born. Both had been in SCBU after they were born and Mummy Nia had IVIG at Alaw Day Unit when expecting Siôn. I took a box of chocolates to both Wards and met some of the staff. Mummy Nia couldn’t believe there was nearly 3 years since she had started her transfusions with Siôn, neither could the staff...

25/10/11 – I visited Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch today.... This village has the longest place name in Europe and one of the longest place names in the world...

29/10/11 – Elain and Siôn were very sad when Mummy Nia packed me up in my box ready to go to visit Senen Loy and family today, but Elain and Siôn had a special message for me when I was leaving Wales.....”Diolch am rannu dy amser efo ni Tedi / Thank you for sharing your time with us Teddy!!

Sunday 2 October 2011

NAIThaniel (Nait bears twin brother) has a HUGTASTIC time at the Oxford Half Marathon!

Hi all!! Let me introduce myself, as NAIThaniel :) I am Nait bears twin brother!! (Older by 3 seconds and very much wiser! Hehe!!)

I got a phone call from Nait just the other week and he was in a bit of a muddle!! He was visiting with his friends Gillian and Archie, but he had heard there was a fantastic man called Mike Murphy running the Oxford Half Marathon to raise awareness for Naitbabies. Nait asked me could I please pop along and provide support and Bear Hugs for all. How could I resist the opportunity to meet such amazing people!!!

My friends Stacy, Thea and Jack made me feel very welcome, and got loads of cuddles with Lulu the doggy.

Finally the day of the Oxford Half Marathon came! I was so excited to hear that Clair, Becky and Sue were coming along to meet us!! We had great fun while we were waiting for the race to take place!

We waited nervously at the finish line for Mike!! And suddenly he appeared and gave me a huge hug! I was so proud of him for running such a long race!

He really is a great guy! And I had a wonderful time with such an inspirational group of ladies! You never know where I might appear next.... :)