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Monday 29 August 2011

Busy Bear

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a nice bank holiday Monday !

I have had a very busy weekend with the Wickens family, we have been fishing which was fun but i was unable to catch one. Morgan, Casey and I pretended to fish in the garage and we caught a lot of fish from there :)

Today I have been visiting Tonbridge castle, which was great fun we walked around for a long time and some parts were very high but Casey made sure I was safe, the views were amazing, I even got to sit on an old cannon with Casey and Mummy Steph.

After all the sight seeing we went and brought the boys school shoes ready for next week, they had lots to choose from, both Morgan and Casey still want a few more weeks off school though !

I'm going to go and rest now ready for a few more days out, before I'm off to visit my next family.

Bear hugs to you all xx


  1. Bear hugs to u too!! loved this blog, its adorable, and weather looks fab too! <3 xxx

  2. Bear hugs from us too, looks lovely at Tonbridge Castle and fabulous views!!