Nait and his sister Naitalie are traveling around the world meeting families affected by the disease that they are named after, Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia.

They would like you to follow them both and look forward to your comments :)

Sunday 21 August 2011

Meeting another Nait mummy in Dublin, Ireland.

As I prepared to say farewell to the Emerald Isle my Nait mummy Louise brought me to Dublin to meet another Nait Mummy Sophie and her beautiful daughter Mimi.. I got so many cuddles from Mimi I promised I would come and visit her very soon!! but my time in Ireland is coming to an end.. so Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat for reading my blog, and Slán go Fó


  1. Aaahaahaa, those are the cutest pictures! That is one lucky bear! Marin

  2. LOVELY!! you little rascal Nait, popping up everywhere x x x so funny!!

  3. Thanks girls, We loved having him with us, but just so relieved to get him on the road safely. xxx

  4. aww i love the pic of nait hiding behind the fiddlers!! sweet