Nait and his sister Naitalie are traveling around the world meeting families affected by the disease that they are named after, Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia.

They would like you to follow them both and look forward to your comments :)

Friday 16 September 2011

I've had so much fun with the Livingstone's that I have saved it all up for one long story (well, not too long).

I arrived and was carefully unwrapped by two lovely children, Ellie and Oliver. They decided to share my time between them and so I got to spend half my sleeps with Ellie and half with Oliver. They were both very cuddley and kind children and took me everywhere with them.

We acted as special agents at their holiday club where I was guest of honour. I was introduced by Captain Tim and all 100 children said 'hello' to me - I felt very special!

I was lucky enough to be invited to Ellie's tenth birthday party and boy did we have fun! There was a Mars bar fondue which was delicious, hair crimping (I wasn't up for that as I didn't want to get singed!), music, mayhem and makeup - what a tiring day.

We had a trip to Pizza Hut, a sleepover with friends, a ride on a pony and I was privileged to meet Jason's bear.

When Jason went to heaven through this awful disease, he left his Mummy a teddy to hold and always remember him. His teddy misses him, too.

It was time to say goodbye and I shall carry on raising awareness and look forward to meeting our next dear family. I am hopping in my box, closing my eyes and winging my way northwards...

See you soon x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! thanks so much for sharing!!! really enjoyed reading! xxx

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay, sounds like alot of fun! And yes, it was probably best to skip the hair crimping and make-up LOL Marin

  3. Aw you look like you all had a lovely time, The mars fondue sounds delish,, nom nom.. Stacy

  4. oh you had such lovely adventures with Ellie and Oliver and the Livingstone family!!..... I loved reading all you have done, and your meeting with NAIT angel Jason's special bear made me shed a few tears....Have a safe journey little bear!
    lovely pics..yum yum!! xxx